Let's be honest. The “About Me” section on every DJ’s website is typically boring. You probably don’t really care about where I’m from, how I “got into DJing”, or even how many years I’ve been doing it. You care about one thing – can I provide an epic experience for you, your friends, and your family? And the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

I view everyone I work with not as clients, but as partners. My promise to you is that we will work together to create the exact atmosphere and experience you want for every part of your wedding or event. I then take all that information and combine it with my vast musical knowledge, high-level DJing skills, and years of experience reading crowds to create a musical experience that is uniquely YOU. From the flawless pre-ceremony playlist to the perfect vibe during dinner, to the dance party at the end of the night, the music evokes feelings and creates memories that guests remember forever. So don’t settle. Go with the greatest.

When I’m not deejaying, I operate a t-shirt company, I Got It MADE - I am a husband to Shalon, and a father to McRae and Jaxon. Our family loves the beach, international travel, and HBCUs.


I am also a member of a collective of the top DJs around the world, Violator All-Star DJs, the host of a weekly talk show, Nightcap Knowledge, which airs every Tuesday at 9 PM Central on Youtube and Twitch.