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Southern Snap Photobooth is your best resource for boosting your business' online reputation and reaching your strategic marketing goals. Whether you're planning an event as a way to show appreciation for your staff, or launching your brand, our photo booth has so much to offer to provide you the most value for your investment. 

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Strategic Marketing

Want the best way to get a return on your investment for your business? Sponsor a photo booth at a local community event. Your logo will be on each digital capture as an overlay or on each print therefore making it incredibly shareable and valuable to your current and future clients. In addition, we also offer an exclusive way to survey guests of the photo booth so you can gather information from the guests easily and effectively.

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Call To Action

When you utilize our unique sharing features, we are able to provide you a clickable link to land on whatever website you prefer. Want clients to be able to view current inventory? Or how about allowing them to purchase something from the event? We can work with you to optimize the text and email features to maximize your investment. 


Unique Branding

Your brand is important, and we want to work with you to ensure that your photo booth experience optimizes brand exposure. From our customized screens to our color changing LED lights, your brand will be front and center and social media ready.

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