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Equipped For The Call

Life should be a lifelong pursuit of scholarship. We should be present to learn during the good days and the most difficult times in our lives. Yesterday, I had a very difficult moment that allowed me to learn that God will call you and your talents to be redirected or reassigned for another task or ministry. One of my friends asked if I could provide a sound setup for a graveside service at a cemetery. I was able to use the same tools and equipment that I deploy for wedding ceremonies. In addition to the microphone that the minister used to address the gathering, I also curated a playlist of music appropriate for a moment such as this for pre and post service. Before the minister began to speak, I saw people singing along to songs I selected for this moment. This was a very reassuring moment for me. In my own way, I helped this family to celebrate the life and transition of their loved one. God showed me that the talents I’ve been blessed with are still needed and the places I’ll go with them are going to look different. Hebrews 13:21 says God will “equip you with everything good for doing his will.” You’ve got the equipment, be ready for the call. ✌🏾

Loudspeaker with Bluetooth capability and wireless microphones
Graveside ceremony setup

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