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The time tested plan for the post nuptial party

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Every wedding reception is different, but it comes down to planning a great party. Every great party begins with a plan. You can get as creative as you'd like, but having a plan for your DJ to follow is a solution for success. Check out this general reception plan to get you started.

GUESTS ARRIVE & COCKTAIL HOUR: Soft Jazz mixed in with some R&B background music. BRIDE & GROOM ARRIVE: I will greet guests and wedding party, then introduce the wedding party and newly weds according your plan. DINNER: If it's a sit down dinner or buffet, I'll continue playing soft, background music mixed in with a more upbeat tempo. TOAST: There are 3 options on this one; before, during or after dinner. During dinner usually works best. THE FIRST DANCE: This is the most memorable time of the night. I will ask all guests to please have a seat as I invite the newly weds out for their first dance. Optional dances follow; Father/Daughter, Son/Mother, Bridal Party. GENERAL DANCING This is a perfect time to get your guests involved as the Bridal party is still dancing. A 20-30 minute dance set will follow with the music format we setup. CUTTING OF THE CAKE: After teasing your guests with a great dance set, we take a little break and share the special cake cutting with a memorable song in background. GENERAL DANCING: Now we start heating up the floor with some hits from all varieties of music. This is where we get a sense of what's hot and what's not. PERFECT TIME FOR MONEY DANCE: We will invite your family & friends to come and join the Newly Weds and show their love. (Don't forget to have someone in charge of the pins) BOUQUET AND GARTER TOSS: The chance for the single ladies to catch the bouquet and of course, the guys to catch that garter with great songs for both groups. TIME TO CELEBRATE & DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY: Here's where we take the wedding celebration up to another level by playing all the Top Hits and invite everyone out to have fun. LAST SONG: This can be a song that you picked out or I can play a favorite. A perfect way to end a fabulous night of celebration that your friends, family & Especially you, will remember forever.

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