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How Review Responses Can Impact Your Business: A DJ's Experience

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

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What’s the Groove party people?! DJ George Chuck here to share some lessons I learned from a recent Sunday wedding. Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to various reasons like venue availability and pricing. This particular wedding was held in Lumberton, MS at the beautiful Creekview Barn. If you're looking for a venue in South MS, I highly recommend checking them out. Now, let's get to the point.

Part 1: Clients

This wedding was different from my usual events. The families weren't big on dancing, and we only did one line dance while the rest of the night was filled with tailgate country music. However, the clients were still satisfied, and I received compliments from the newlyweds, the groom's parents, and the venue owner. The lesson here is that every wedding is unique and different, and we shouldn't try to replicate something we've seen on social media or our previous events. Instead, we should give the clients what they want.

Part 2: Content

One of my DJ friends and high-level content creators shared a post on Facebook, stating that they got booked to DJ in DC in June from a TikTok post. The point here is that content is paramount in business, and if you're not publishing content, you're not part of the conversation.

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After this Sunday wedding, the father of the bride approached me and mentioned that he booked me based on my reviews and how I responded to them. He appreciated the fact that I was a true professional who delivered high-quality services. In this case, my response to reviews was the content that got me booked.

So, the lesson here is that reviews are important, but our response to them could be the deciding factor for potential clients. As business owners, we should add review responses to our content strategy because they could be the piece of content that gets us booked.

In conclusion, I encourage wedding industry professionals and other business owners to take reviews seriously and respond to them appropriately. Remember, every event is unique, and we should focus on giving our clients what they want. Lastly, if you're in need of a DJ, sound, lighting, livestream, or photo booth for your wedding, visit my website for more details.

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