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What Are Cold Sparklers?

Looking for something to wow your guests!?

Look no further than Cold Sparklers! These can be used for the grand entrance, first dance, live band start, and the grand exit. They really do provide that wow factor. We use these at portions in the event when you really want to stimulate the senses of your guests and take your event to the next level. It’s best to use these as a surprise, as guests go wild when they see them in person.

We have had some clients concerned with them being actual fireworks, but they are not. They don't use gun powder and are completely safe indoors, using a non-hazardous gerb effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks. Not to get too techy, but they use special granulated alloy, removing the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques. These operate at such cool temperatures; the sparks themselves are not flammable. The machines are also very smart and have multiple built-in safety protocols. No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the units produce cold fallout which is perfectly safe (you can even pass your hand through the effect without any concern). Click the button below to request an estimate for your event!

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